Hi Group!!!!

I am the newest member. I am a 46 DWM in Collingswood, NJ. I’m a 100% Irish-American natural born citizen, so I can say this: The Irish are tricksters, maybe it’s genetic? I’ve been researching The Birth for about a year and just recently “Got It” – the centrality of the jus sanguinis, that is. I am so overjoyed to find you all on the web at the same time! I feel like I have come home to family!!!!

So, the key to exposing the Usurpation is hiding in the best place -in plain sight – isn’t it? Whether BHO was born in Hawaii or not does not matter; he is ineligible because he is not a natural born citizen under the meaning of the technical legal term as the founders meant it – jus solis and jus sanguinis!

So few Americans understand this simple concept. That is because it requires a basic understanding of citizenship, something that used to be taught in public schools in the old days (in “Civics” classes, before multi-culturalism).

Raising the issue of eligibility gets punished with a vociferous and venomous villification, a Two Minute Hate from both the Right – “You’re divisive and irrelevant,” and the Left – “You’re racist and stupid!” No logical compelling arguments, just social pressure, censorship, obfuscations about the COLB and newspaper announcements – tremendous heat and very little light. Meanwhile, no one gets educated on the central issues. What does the Constitution technical legal term, “natural born citizen,” really mean? What are the subtle distinctions between  the citizenship categores: naturalized, native, and natural born?

The discussion “Think Reagan/Schwartzenegger/McCain, etc.” and the diagrams of these three categories represented in Father/Mother/Birthplace Citizenship triangles (source?theobamafile?) REALLY helped my breakthrough in understanding, as did the lists of the GC/NBC/ineligible status of the Presidents and Vice Presidents (source? obamareleaseyour records?)

The facts about Chester Arthur and parallels to BHO are really uncanny. As I understand it, questions about his birthplace arose before taking office, which overshadowed the actual germane issue of his father’s citzenship and foreign allegiance (to Great Britain!). Like BHO, he even had the Irish ancestry. KNOW THIS: That precedent is no mere coincidence and we MUST learn from it. It appears THE WRONG QUESTION became the focus of the controversy: while it was established his BIRTHPLACE was in the USA, the lack of natural born citizenship and INELIGIBILITY due to that was either never raised (Am I right?) or the voices were drowned by the question of birthplace (?). Anyone who knew eventually died and the secret usurpation was buried for a hundred years (?).

A misplaced focus on the birthplace may result in exactly the Alinsky-type “Gotcha” that the Right fears, and rightly so, unless we can educate them to focus on the NBC issue. Remember he referred to seeing the birth certificate among his mother’s papers. If BHO’s documentation, once released – think October surprise – indicates an unknown or different father, unmarried parents, or different timetable, he is going to get the sympathy vote and we are going to get endless lectures against racism and Christian moralism with recitation of the dark age practices of stigmatizing interracial and/or interreligious relationships and illegitimacy in the 50s and 60s. With reference, of course, to the glorious breakthroughs of 1969. (OMG! That sounds unbearable, doesn’t it!) It is going to be EXPONENTIALLY HARDER to say ANYTHING about the NATURAL BORN CITIZENSHIP ISSUE THEREAFTER.

BIRTHPLACE: NOT SO MUCH!!! START NOW AND TEACH CIVILITY and CIVICS to a critical mass of people – think Independents, and, yes, loud, vociferous anti-birthers (because they are passionate and make zealous converts). How? I already mentioned the Citizenship triangles, the lists of the eligibility status of Presidents – think Chester Arthur, and the need to educate on the Constitution’s technical legal term, “natural born citizen.” Package these references in one unit and distribute them to the educators EVERYWHERE. However, this effort must NOT be mainly web-based. The web is a tool, useful for some things and almost useless for others. It blurs the distinction between relevant and irrelevant, between authoritative and ridiculous. I moused around FOR HOURS ALMOST DAILY FOR ONE YEAR before I happened on the right explanations and found you all, my tribe. There is just TMI already and the Obama-ites will flood it with more and more disinformation. 

Educating must be community based. It must be relational – people are starving for that. They need to be convinced that you are smart, kind, and passionate, not crazy or mean. They must come to realize what NBC is and that this dude’s lucky number is 6-6-6. (Illinois state lottery selection on 11/05/2008- primary source?)

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