Prophetic Manifesto

The Globalist’s agenda goes much farther back than that, to the Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776, of all years! They are pursuing both the course laid out on the religious front by Swedenborg and Madame Blavatsky through the modern New Age movement and, also, the political goals of the globalist elites, which include a progressive unification of all nation states into 10 regional super-states, of which the European Union is the prototype and future lead organization for eventual total global unification of economic, military, political and religious power, which does have many benefits for prosperity, security and stabilization of a world that will be in increasingly tremendous chaos. Therefore, a lot of idealistic useful idiots are arguing for and working toward this New World Order, but it will be a counterfeit Kingdom of God that will be co-opted and administrated by the minions of a merciless, brutal totalitarian leader who will “miraculously” recover from a televised fatal assassination after presenting his 7-year MidEast Peace Treaty to the UN, which will be a completely staged deception in which a “pigeon” doppleganger (look-alike) will be intentionally killed, and then His Oneness will be acclaimed as the resurrected Savior of the World, probably on the third day, with lots of echoes of Lincoln, Kennedy, and MLK. Henry Kissinger is on the record advocating for Barack Obama to be the leader of this New World Order. This global transformation will be ushered in the wake of utter economic collapse resulting from the collapse of the world’s unsustainable, debt-based, fiat-currency economy and the near complete loss of the electric grid, twentieth century communications and transportation, and widespread psychological madness due to the effects of CMEs from solar storms on the sun (which is the real cause of climate change, bird and fish mass deaths, and seismic instability), which will be accompanied by erractic acts of nuclear, biological and chemical terrorism and manufactured crises (BHO is the AC).

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2 Responses to Prophetic Manifesto

  1. lzachiel says:

    So how do we stop this all from happening? I mean i am in fully ready to admit all these things are true. But my question if what to do?

  2. Izachiel,
    Forgive me for not replying promptly. I am actually a novice to blogging and didn’t see or check the Comments section until now.
    What to do:
    1. Realize that certain things prophesied in the Bible cannot be stopped, including the general outline of what I have written, although my educated guesses about some of it may be off regarding specific details. I have done my best to be faithful to a proper understanding of Biblical prophesy and use analysis of current events and trends to deduce the most likely scenarios. I am fully persuaded of everything I have written on the Prophetic Manifesto blog, but that doesn’t mean that I am infallible in my interpretations and deductions. However, there will be worldwide cataclysms and the emergence of the Man of Sin known as the AntiChrist. His rise to power is essentially unstoppable because he has been given authority by God to do what he will do. He has begun by destroying America first.
    2. Pray to the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, if you can, or the God of your understanding for wisdom and guidance concerning what you should do in the coming year, particularly whether you should plan to stay living where you are or plan to move elsewhere. This decision came to me as a deep certainty. I just knew that I DO NOT want to be here in America at all (and not just because I live near Camden, New Jersey) because of the realization that God has already judged America and it is going to get very, very bad here: social chaos, civil unrest, violence, martial law, starvation, and disease. America does not appear at all in the events of the End Times described in the Bible while Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia do.
    3. Renew your passport while you still can!
    4. Get out of debt as you can but carry some of it if you must use your financial resources to plan and prepare. There may be a chance to draw upon lines of credit before the collapse and it may not be possible nor necessary to pay it back afterwards. This is uncertain and will need to be your decision as it gets closer. It is unlikely that much credit will be extended as things worsen, however, and money of all or many fiat currencies (dollars, euros, pounds) will be worthless overnight after the Big One (global EMP). Perhaps some will retain value: Swiss Francs? shekels? I have no idea. It is important to put your money in commodities like metals, oil, agricultural products, including food and seeds to which you have direct access, even without electricity.
    5. I have minimal financial resources, but I put half of my savings in tangible precious metals: silver that I have in my hand. You can bring up to $10,000 in currency, instruments or bullion per person out of America, plus personal jewelry. I believe it is 10,000 euros out of Europe and I would guess that most other countries have their limits, too. Transportation of all forms will be extraordinarily difficult and international travel nearly impossible for a couple of years.
    6. I spent several hundreds of dollars storing up several months’ worth of essential food items that I store in a closet in my home. This gave me a tremendous sense of relief and it is something that should be part of everyone’s disaster plans, especially after 9/11 (ten years ago!).
    7. Associate yourself with others in your area who sense the looming dangers on the horizon and build close relationships with family and friends as you can. Choose to link with “Preppers” who care about helping others, as opposed to “Survivalists” who emphasize guns for security and defending what they have. Decide if using weapons is something that you would intend to do as necessary or not.
    8. Get into the best physical shape that you can. Exercize. Practice fasting from food for gradually increasing periods of time. Use natural foods and steer away from processed foods, fast foods and pharmaceuticals, but store up essential medicines, natural forms of vitamins and a good first aid kit and learn to use it. Learn about living off the land, herbs and medicinals, and a green lifestyle that is interdependent on people you have relationship with and not on public or private services. Eliminate your dependence on a twentieth century infrastructure.
    9. Keep a “Go!” bag packed, keep your gas tank full, and liquidate things that you have accumulated but have no sentimental or useful value in a electricity-free world. I am planning to have a yard sale, post things on Craigslist, and give away or throw away things to create cash and room for purchasing things that will be useful like rugged clothing, creature comforts, ways to prepare food, having a source of heat and cool, and alternative means of transportation. It may be possible that Solar panels will survive the EMP and be a good source of electricity in the future, but remember everything that you have of value will be coveted by other people, some of them crazed by electromagnetic radiation exposure and even starvation, depending on conditions where you are. The general rule is that places that are “backwards” now, living a traditional, primitive, or 19th century type of way of life, including intentionally “Green communities” are going to be the places that will function the best after a disaster like I am describing. Cities are generally BAD, rural areas with existing close community relationships best. Suburbs will be isolated and likely “every man for himself.”
    10. Ultimately (after three and a half years) there will be very few places left to go to avoid the global police state and it’s requirement to participate in their New World Order. Whatever you do, do not take the implanted computer chip that they will require of you in order to participate in their economic system. Doing so will damn your soul and “What doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul, or be cast away? “

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