More Details and The Date.

The Big One, when the SHTF (“sh*t hits the fan”), TEOTWAWKI (“the end of the world as we know it,” but NOT the end of the world), the massive solar flare and coronal mass ejection, “his lightning from heaven” (in Hebrew, “baraqo bama,”) which is Satan’s fall to earth (per Jesus in Luke 10:18) will destroy most of the satellites, the electric grid, and render virtually every device with any electronic components inoperable worldwide, including all modern electrical and electronic technology, throwing us back instantaneously to 19th century technology. Ultra-modern 21st century technologies such as fiber optics and any EMP-hardened infrastructure will survive, while the middle class will be obliterated overnight, thus creating a most massively skewed difference between the 0.0001% elite Haves and the 99.9999% commoner Have Nots.

This will occur on or around December 21, 2012.

This apocalyptic event, historical period, year and even day is significant in many, many cultural and esoteric traditions, including the Mayan, Hopi, Cherokee, kabbala Zohar, Freemasonry, I Ching, Web Bot, and St. Malachy prophesies. However, and most importantly, not only that, 2012 is Biblical: the Autumn of 2012 is highly significant in Biblical numerology as it is 1260 + 1290 years (vitally important numbers from Daniel and Revelation End Time prophesies) from the the Fall of Babylon in Autumn of 539 B.C., which is typical of the fall of the world economic and political system that perishes shortly before the Return of Jesus Christ, who will NOT be born again of another human mother, nor arrive by transport from extraterrestrials, nor be elected or appointed Prime Minister of the New World Order, but who will physically descend bodily from heaven, accompanied by all the angels and saints in startling Shekineh glory. After seven years of Tribulation, shortly after an unspecified short period of cosmic disturbances and total darkness during which he will Rapture the Church, God will pour out His Wrath on the remainder of humanity but Jesus will destroy the Beast and False Prophet and put an end to the War of Armeggedon. Every eye will see Him; it will not be a secret event.

The 12/21/2012 date is being mistakenly interpreted to have no Biblical significance and since mainstream Christian prophesy teachers will have neglected or denied it, and since they are, by and large, totally wrong in their dogmatic assertion that the Rapture is pre-Tribulational, and because they will be in shock and speechless with confusion and guilt for their error when the Treaty, the Assassination, and the revelation of the Man of Sin occur in front of their eyes, Christianity will lose credibility while Islam, pantheism, extraterrestrial cults and New Age, occult, and Luciferianism will grip the imaginations of the frightened huddled masses, and these philosophies will ascend and surge in popularity, all the while being vigorously promoted by the Satanic Globalist Unifyers.

The False One will seek to deceive all, by promising “Peace and Security” with a seven year False Middle East Peace Treaty; by staging a theatrical assassination (of an identical face- and body-double victim) and a fake resurrection and other occult signs and lying wonders; by restoring electricity and implementing an electronic and computerized Mark of the Beast cashless economic system; by unifying all religious traditions into a New Age syncretism of “All-are-God” blasphemy with claims that this is what Jesus “really” taught as he discovered his own personal christhood; by staging phony holographic BlueBeam technology ET alien arrival dramas; by releasing energy and medical technologies that have been suppressed by economic controllers for decades; and by promises of 1000-year life spans and membership in the intergalactic club of advanced civilizations. The antichrist prophesy of Jean Dixon was received on Feb. 5, 1962. Six months after the conception of John the Baptist, another significant date in world history occurred, but that was just in reverse.

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3 Responses to More Details and The Date.

  1. Michael says:

    God always delivers those who believe, the rapture is therefore pre-tribulation. The tribulation is not a church age event, therefore the church will be delivered before the tribulation.

    • tojoflaherty says:

      Thanks for your comment. Certainly, GOD always ULTIMATELY delivers his people from eternal death and hell but, in fact, he PROMISES us that in this world we WILL have tribulation, including for many, martyrdom. God has promised to spare His children from His wrath, which occurs at the end of the Great Tribulation (second half of the 7 year Tribulation Period), but He does NOT promise to deliver His people from the wrath of nature and only conditionally promises to deliver His people from the wrath of their enemies.

      Michael, How would your life and faith be changed if you entertained the possibility that you are personally going to go through the Tribulation Period? How much time have you ever spent seriously contemplating this possibility? Why do the vast majority of Christians totally avoid this consideration? Isn’t that very foolish? Do you grant the possibility that you may be quite wrong?

    • tojoflaherty says:

      As to whether the Tribulation is a Church Age event and whether the presence or absence of the Church can be deduced from that: The Tribulation is clearly Daniel’s Seventieth week at the close of history prior to the Millenium. It is the final seven years of the Times of the Gentiles, as Jesus referred to it, during which AntiChrist will trample Jerusalem underfoot and Israel will finally return to God through Jesus. Jesus warned the CHURCH that these times would come upon them in the Last Days, beseeching them not to be IGNORANT, not to be DECEIVED, not to be ASLEEP, but to be AWAKE, ALERT, and PREPARED. I assume you think His message is only directly revelant for the Tribulation Saints, for whom it will largely be A MESSAGE TOO LATE TO BE USEFUL except as an “I Told You So.”
      Your argument is circular. On what basis do you assert that the Tribulation is not a church age event? I say it is the awesome culmination of the Church Age: the Purification of Christ’s Bride and the Restoration of all of Her gifts which have been largely dormant but never lost entirely since the Acts of the Apostles. When do you think that will happen, if ever, and why?

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