Harold Camping Returns!

What I mean by “Harold Camping Returns” is that, because the Reichstag Event did not occur today as I had predicted, I want to do my best to explain my error by reconsidering my assumptions and I am indeed – wait for it – making a slightly revised, conditional prediction. I need to explain, first of all, by what reasoning I originally arrived at the 10/5 date. I make certain assumptions. I confidently assume that, at a minimum, the powers that be are styling our current pResident as ‘The Black Jesus,’ to quote his own Senior Advisor. Examples of these messianic pretensions have been prolific and widely noted and do not bear repeating. Secondly, there are certain aspects of the public persona that indicate a pattern, whether intentional or unintentional, that also link the man to the Biblical character known as the AntiChrist. Primary examples include the Hebrew meaning of his name, the mystery surrounding his identity, the meteoric rise to the most powerful office (currently) on planet earth, the statements of Kissinger and Brzezinski linking him to the New World Order, and the persistent beliefs that he is a crypto-Muslim. I assume, with reasonable certainty, that a theatrically staged death and faux Resurrection would be connected in some way with the Jewish holiday of Passover, because Jesus died at Passover. This year Passover occurred on April 7th. While an imitation of that sacrificial death might be scheduled for the actual holiday, I preferred to select a day as far removed as possible, 182 days from the holiday itself, which I call, for lack of a better descriptor, the Anti-Passover. This was done because occult practices are known for both imitating and desecrating the sacred and do so through perversions of reversing, backwarding, and inverting. Additionally, having the Event at the holiday itself would make the association blatantly obvious, whereas an “opposite” day exactly six months away preserves the association but in a hidden manner. Also, a date in early October fits marvelously with the history of October Surprises leading to U.S. Presidential elections, of which this one would indisputably be the Mother of All. The next question was whether this event would occur on the eve of the Anti-Passover or the Anti-Passover itself. My understanding is that Biblical and historical scholarship is marked by quite a lot of contention regarding the date of the crucifixion of Jesus in relation to the Passover, particularly whether it happened on the day before, the day of, and if a special dual Passover on the calendar was involved. I assumed that Jesus was crucified on the eve of Passover at about 3:00 P.M. and assumed that the Reichstag Event would occur on October 5th which is the eve of the Anti-Passover. Bear in mind that the Jewish calendar starts each day at the evening of the day before, and reckons the day starting with the night and then the daylight. Tomorrow, October 6, 2012 is the Anti-Passover itself. It began today, October 5th, at twilight. If the Reichstag Event is in fact actually going to fall on the Anti-Passover itself, it is going to happen tomorrow, October 6th. If it is going to imitate the time of day of the death of Jesus, it is going to happen at 3:00 P.M., however, that could be local time or Jerusalem time, which is 5 hours earlier, 10:00 A.M. EST. Numerous people, after grasping what I am saying, responded, “I hope you are wrong.” I was wrong. I understand that sentiment, but I really do hope that I am correct this time. I promise to quit if I am wrong again!

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